Frequently asked questions

Why should my children play an instrument?
Studies have shown that children who play an instrument for 2 years score better in science and math and score higher on standardized tests and college entrance exams. AND, playing in the band is a great way to meet other people.

Do I need my own instrument?
Yes. It is important that your child have his or her own instrument as daily practice is a crucial part of learning to play. We can help you decide if purchasing or renting an instrument is the best choice for you.

Where can I get an instrument?
We have instruments available for rent or purchase. Ask us if you need an instrument.

Is it OK to miss a week?
We understand that life happens and that occasionally a student may miss a class. However, weekly participation is necessary to make progress.

When are fees paid?
Fees are paid at the beginning of the year (except for the summer session).

What if my child quits in the middle of the year?
Sometimes a student decides that playing in the band is not for them. That doesn't happen very often, but if it happens, we are sorry but there are NO REFUNDS